Matthew Ellis Founder of ExtractionTek Solutions Guest Speaking At CloverLeaf University

Cannabis Extraction Laboratories - Class 1/Div.1 Lab Build Out & Machine Certifications

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A One-Night Only, Exclusive Class Taught By The Inventor of Closed-Loop Hydrocarbon Extraction

Matthew Ellis of ExtractionTek Solutions

Join Matthew at Clover Leaf University, Thursday July 14th at 4:00pm.

Cannabis Extraction Laboratories - Class 1 Division 1 Build Out and Machine Certification

Explore and analyze the importance of cannabis infusion safety. Design extraction room layouts and develop safety guidelines and procedures that ensure a safe working environment while keeping production levels at peak potential. Operating your business in strict compliance with local and state laws will be discussed in great depth. Hear from special guest speakers that will offer their tips and testimonies. This four hour class will teach you high-level topics in creating cannabis extractions.

Course Cost: $399.00Course Duration: 1 Day/ 4 hours / 1 Classroom Lesson

In 2011, Matthew Ellis set out to design and manufacture the Industry's first Closed-Loop Extractor engineered for Butane and Propane.  The machine he brought to the market would literally create an industry, Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment.  Five years and hundreds of machines later, ExtractionTek continues to lead the industry in both Innovation and machine sales.  Located in Denver, Colorado and manufactured with U.S. Steel, ExtractionTek  supplies the safest most efficient equipment in the Cannabis Industry.

Clover Leaf University is the nation’s only Cannabis University that is approved, regulated, and licensed by the Colorado Department of Education’s Private Occupational School Board. Clover Leaf University has developed the First Curriculum for Cannabis Business Certifications to be approved by the Department of Education, consisting of 25 stand-alone courses and 5 full program certifications.

Clover Leaf University strives to build industry standards by creating skillful, safe, and knowledgeable certified cannabis professionals. We aim to educate and certify those who have been involved in the industry, as well as boost the knowledge of those interested in taking their skills from a different work background to create or work in a cannabis business.

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