Microsoft Suprising the Industry

Cloud based tracking coming soon to the Cannabis Industry

ExtractionTek Solutions LLC, Sean Winfield


Its all too easy in our field, living in the great state of Colorado or any of the current legal markets to feel a bit in a bubble nowadays.  As the industry continues to move forward with the passion (and revenues) we all enjoy today, it is refreshing to see a company the size of Microsoft invest in our infrastructure. 

Many of the challenging operational factors in the modern Cannabis Industry are related to lagging regulation and the lack of many modern services other industries use without a second thought.  Will a well developed piece of software completely change the way we all do business day to day?  Probably not.  Will the support of a company the size of Microsoft influence other companies and services that will help with the security and organization of our industry? Time will tell, but for today Microsoft you're forgiven for Windows M.E.™ in our book!

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