ExtractionTek Is Redecorating - we need your help!

It's that time of year here in Denver where we are forced to admit our Powder-Days are giving way to the green shades of the Rocky Mountain Springtime. This year we are taking our spring cleaning routine to a new level. ExtractionTek is redecorating and we want to show off our growing

We would love to have your Company T-Shirt framed and proudly hanging inside our Denver Facility!  If you're local just bring one by and we will return the favor with a new ETS shirt in your size. 

Now, if you're not lucky enough to live in the Denver area, no worries ExtractionTek will happily mail out some ETS-Schwag to your site.  We'll even pay the shipping with a Return Shipping Label included in your Schwag-Bag!  Quickly fill out this form below and we will take care of the rest.  Thank you for being part of our Extraction Client Family, we appreciate each and every one of our Customers!